Newsletter - July 27

Newsletter Jul 27, 2020

Hello and welcome to another wonderful week! I have decided to revamp my website once again. It has been taking me far too long to make videos and write out all the text on my blog. Now, I will mostly post videos on the blog. I will continue to release the text prayers, but only in the print magazine (which will be available in a few months).

I hope this doesn't put any dampers on your enjoyment of my content. As always, you can leave a reply to this email or a comment down below to let me know your thoughts.

Without further ado... here are today's mental prayers

Thank you, God bless, and stay holy my friend ☦️


Shalone Cason

Shalone Cason is a husband, father, author, and teacher. He loves the Catholic faith and mental prayer. To book a speaking engagement or group prayer session; click the website link below.

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